The higher the work criteria, the more energy you need to achieve results. 

Our everyday rhythm asks for concentration and focus, which is why even the strongest of players has to check his toolbox every now and then, to make sure he has up to date tools in emotion management, stress management and communication.

In this course you will:

  • Find it easier to adapt to change;

  • Improve relationships with your colleagues;

  • Gain inner peace;

  • Learn tools to raise your productivity;

  • Learn everything you need to create a practical action plan to improve your life.

The course was created so that you can gain both in your professional and private life!

Course curriculum

The course consists of 10 videos, 12 tasks and 1 final quiz. When doing the tasks, you’ll find answers on which stress management, emotion management and productivity tools are fit for you personally. The course will be accessible for three months.

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Peaceful Productivity Workbook

    • 1. Introduction

    • Task One

  • 2

    Peaceful Productivity

    • 2. Stress

    • Task Two

    • 3. Stress-free house

    • Task Three

    • 4. Areas of influence

    • Task Four

    • 5. Self reflection

    • Task Five

    • 6. Emotion management I

    • Task Six

    • 7. Emotion management II

    • Task Seven

    • 8. Habits

    • Task Eight

    • 9. Time management

    • Task Nine

    • 10. Motivation

    • The Wheel of Life

  • 3

    Peaceful Productivity Final quiz

    • Questions

    • Quiz

    • Congratulations

Course topics:

  • Stress and how it works;

  • Areas of influence anc control;

  • Self-reflection – how to recognise your emotions;

  • Emotion management;

  • Habits – how to create or change them;

  • Time management – which tools to use to get the results you want;

  • Motivation – how to achieve goals even when you don’t feel like doing anything!

Special Bonus

If you buy this course for your team (5+ tickets), then you’ll recieve a free 1hr Zoom Q&A session with Ivars Juškēvics!

Your personal toolbox for concentration and focus to achieve your professional and personal goals.