Often we get promoted and recieve a title "manager", but no one gives us a manual on what exactly should be done and how we should change our thinking and action patterns.

In this course you will gain:

  • Clarity about manager's roles and responsibilities;

  • Tools to raise your efficiency;

  • A deeper understanding about yourself, as a manager;

  • Defined personal and professional goals;

  • An action plan how to work with your team and motivate them.

Course curriculum

The course will consist of 10 videos and 10 tasks, and a final quiz. While doing the tasks, you'll find answers in how to set goals, manage yourself and your team, understand your employee's motivation criteria, delegate, give feedback, lead 1:1 conversations and find out a lot about yourself while doing self-analysis tasks.

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • 1. Introduction

    • Leader in Action Workbook

    • Task One

  • 2

    Leader in action

    • 2. Manager's personal mastery: Roots, principles and functions

    • Task Two

    • 3. Personal responsibility: What you can and can't control

    • Task Three

    • 4. Motivation: Understanding your basic needs

    • Task Four

    • 5. Goal setting: Introducing the SMART model

    • Task Five

    • 6. Feed-forward: Helping your employees grow

    • Task Six

    • 7. Time management: How to efficiently plan your time

    • Task Seven

    • 8. Delegation: Assigning the right tasks to the right people

    • Task Eight

    • 9. Feedback: How to provide it effectively and successfully

    • Task Nine

    • 10. Leadership and habits

    • Task Ten

  • 3

    Leader in Action Final quiz

    • Question

    • Quiz

    • Congratulations

Special Bonus

If you buy this course for your team (5+ tickets), then you'll recieve a free 1hr Zoom Q&A session with either Ivars Juškēvics or Vilnis Brēmanis!

If you are ready to develop you authority and create a strong basis for your work.